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What is the NICFI?


Las Vegas, NV January 18th-20th, 2017


NICFI~�Explanation and Disclaimer - Who we are as an association/organization

The National Institute of Certified Floor-covering Inspectors (NICFI) is a not-for-profit association of certified, independent floor covering professionals.
The membership is comprised of flooring experts in all disciplines and products, within the floor covering industy.�
These individuals are educated and certified by associations that specialize in training and/or certifying floor covering inspectors.

Floor covering products services (but not limited to) by NICFI Inspectors are:
  • Carpet - any style or construction
  • Vinyl Products - including tile, planks, sheet goods, LVT
  • Hardwood Flooring - Engineered and solid
  • Laminate Floors
  • Ceramic and Natural Stone
  • Other specialty products such as rubber, cork and bamboo
  • Installation methods of all products as well
  • Maintenance procedure of products as well
  • Product specification for intended application or use.
  • Our inspectors also address underlayment materials such as carpet padding and other materials installed under hard surface flooring for moisture, sound and crack isolation.�
  • Some of our members are also able to perform substrate moisture testing, as third party status.�
  • Testing of this type can evaluate the substrate to determine its suitability to accept the intended floor covering.�
In this way, corrective action may be taken prior to installation to avert a failure due to inappropriate substrate conditions.

NICFI members are experienced in site review, inspection and failure analysis to the level of performing as legal expert witnesses.
Although NICFI is not a certifying body, it does provide continuing education and skill set updates.�
These programs encompass the many aspects of floor covering product, installation and maintenance and are offered at the annual education conference (convention).�
The subjects may include new flooring products or maintenance procedures or discovery of causation of negative issues that affect flooring products, performance or warranty coverage.

NICFI is the only non-profit association within the flooring industry with a membership comprised solely of Independent Floor Covering Inspectors.�
Each prospective member's presented credentials are reviewed and verified through the named certifying body.�
Once membership is granted, each inspector is responsible for keeping their certifications current, which is a condition of membership in good standing.�

NICFI does not warrant or deem correct the opinions, findings, decisions or conclusions of the inspectors member's report.
NICFI does not have control of job-sites and issues of concern or causation.